COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund
Greater Key West Chamber of Commerce

Layoff Aversion Fund banner: Are you a small business and/or Community Base Organizations (CBOs) in need of assistance because of COVID-19? CareerSource South Florida is here to help!


You must apply online for the fund. Please note that this is a REIMBURSEMENT grant, for allowable items previously purchased between March 9th, 2020 and the date that you submit you application.

Your organization must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • 3-50 W2 Employees

  • Businesses and CBO’s in operation for at least 2 years and in good standing with the state of Florida

  • Primary location in Miami-Dade or Monroe County

  • Gross receipt or gross excise taxes were $10 million or less for the last two available financial years.

  • Non-Profit Organizations only: Have local/state/federal grant applications and/or funding awards detailing previous and/or current grant relationships in providing services to one of CSSF targeted populations: Ex-offenders; Homeless individuals, including homeless children and youths; Youth offenders/youth at risk of court involvement/youth involved in the juvenile justice system; Individuals with disabilities, including youth with disabilities; and Migrant and seasonal farmworkers.

Applications must include ALL of the following and will be rejected If all of the following is not provided:

  • The last two years of tax returns (combined into one document).

  • A current signed and dated W9.

  • IRS form 941 or RT6 which is no more than 3 quarters prior to the date of application. The document must show the number of employees that your business employs.

  • A copy of your current business lease, property deed/ mortgage, or certificate of use from Miami Dade County.

  • Receipts for qualified items purchased between March 9, 2020 and the date of your application. A valid receipt includes the vendor’s name, the date of purchase, a detailed description of the items purchased and the method of payment. Proof of payment must accompany submitted invoices; this can be in the form of a copy of the cancelled check (front and back) or a credit card statement matching the vendor’s name and the dollar amount of the invoice.

Applicants should clearly state their need for COVID-19 related assistance. Please be advised, rent, payroll, utilities and infrastructure changes for social distancing purposes are not allowable expenses and will be rejected. CareerSource South Florida reserves the sole right to reject an application or expenses submitted that it feels does not meet the criteria of the grant.

Please use the Layoff Aversion Application Completion Guide when submitting your application. The guide will provide you with step by step instructions on how to fill out the application and ensure that you include all the required information.

Helpful Resources

CSSF COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund Application Guide
CSSF COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund Policy


For Questions and/or Comments email: Layoff Aversion

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