Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates for Youth Participants

Coronavirus feature image

CareerSource South Florida continues to monitor the situation and modify our response accordingly, while disseminating critical information and making the timely dissemination of actionable intelligence essential. CareerSource South Florida is gathering some of the latest, most relevant information and resources available for our community.

Temporary emergency policies are being implemented to address the current worldwide pandemic and should not be considered permanent changes unless otherwise noted.

Current youth participant should call the center that you are assigned to directly and/or your case manager directly for additional information or if you have questions. Our youth providers will continue to provide the same services that you have been receiving but will do so remotely with you through phone calls or through video chat.

•  In School youth can find phone numbers to your career advisors at the link below:

•  Out of School participants can find contact information at the link below:

If you have unresolved issues, you may use the contact button on the homepage to fill out a customer complaint form and a CareerSource representative will contact you as soon as possible. Please understand that due to the circumstance, CareerSource South Florida will be experiencing a tremendous call volume. Please allow sufficient time for a representative to return your call.