COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund

Layoff Aversion Fund banner: Are you a small business and/or Community Base Organizations (CBOs) in need of assistance because of COVID-19? CareerSource South Florida is here to help!

CareerSource South Florida (CSSF) announces the COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund, which is designed to provide support to small businesses and/or community based organizations (CBOs) within Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties, facing financial impacts and potential layoffs from the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19). The funds will be provided as a reimbursable grant to small businesses and/or CBOs experiencing economic distress. The goals of the fund are to prevent potential layoffs or minimize the duration of unemployment resulting from layoffs due COVID-19.

Eligible businesses and/or CBOs may receive up to $10,000.00 in COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund grant funds. CSSF will utilize the following scale to award grants:

• 3–10 employees up to $5,000.00
• 11–25 employees up to $7,500.00
• 26–50 employees up to $10,000.00

How can it help me?

  • Reimbursement for remote access equipment or software that allows employees to work from home (e.g. computers, printers, telephones, headsets, video conferencing software, etc.).

  • Reimbursement for services or tools for restaurants or retail establishments to convert to online sales or delivery during Shelter in Place orders.

  • Reimbursement for cleaning/sanitation supplies and/or services that will allow an essential small business to maintain an on-site workforce by reducing exposure to COVID-19.

  • Reimbursement for businesses that take advantage of the Short-Time Compensation Program also known as Work Sharing by supplementing the employee’s income and benefits.

  • Reimbursement for other creative approaches and strategies to reduce or eliminate the need for layoffs.

NOTE: The COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund is a reimbursable grant for items previously purchased and may not be used for the following:

•  Hazard pay;
•  Rent;
•  Employee wages/benefits other than those utilizing the Short-Time Compensation Program also known as Work Sharing; or
•  Support services such as childcare, transportation costs, lodging expenses, or meals.

This program is funded entirely by the Federal Workforce Innovation and Opportunity Act (WIOA) Rapid Response Program through the U.S. Department of Labor–Employment and Training Administration.

About CareerSource South Florida
CareerSource South Florida is a public-private partnership that establishes state and federally funded workforce development and training policies for Miami-Dade and Monroe Counties. CareerSource South Florida’s services and resources are available to everyone at no cost through a network of centers located throughout the region.

Examples of how a business and/or CBO may demonstrate the need for layoff aversion funds:

  • I run a call center. My employees usually work in an office setting. To support social distancing, I would like for my employees to work remotely, which would require each employee to be equipped with reliable headphones and laptops. I will need to layoff my staff without this equipment.

  • I could ask employees to use their personal phones and work remotely, but I do not have the funds to support the cell phone packages. If provided funds to reimburse employees for the increased data usage, my business could avoid layoffs.

  • My employees could work remotely if I could provide them with specific software or computer applications. Without this software, I will need to layoff my workforce until we can go back to the office.

  • I need my eight employees to continue to work on site, but I am concerned about their potential exposure to COVID-19 and cannot afford frequent deep cleaning to help limit potential exposure. If I had funds to support the deep cleaning, it would allow my workers to continue to work and would foster a safer work environment.

  • Due to COVID-19, my employees have more down time than usual. If I were able to offer project management training online during this down time, it would increase their skillsets, make eligible for other positions within the company, and decrease their layoff chances.

Helpful Resources

CSSF COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund Application Guide
CSSF COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund Policy

For Questions and/or Comments email: Layoff Aversion

Apply Now: You can submit your application for a COVID-19 Layoff Aversion Fund grant through your local chamber. Select an entity from the list below to be directed to the application.

• Greater Key West Chamber of Commerce:

• Greater Miami Chamber of Commerce:

• Greater Marathon Chamber of Commerce:

• CAMACOL – Latin Chamber of Commerce of U.S.A:

• Miami-Dade Beacon Council:

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