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On-the-Job Training (OJT)

Would you like to hire an employee, train him/her in your own specific way of doing business, and have CareerSource South Florida pay for up to 50% of his/her wages? On-the-Job Training provides an incentive for businesses to help defray the cost of training eligible prospective, full-time hires. The OJT is designed to provide resources for occupational training and development for prospective new hire(s) in the company’s work environment. Businesses may recoup a percentage of the wages paid to each new hire during the agreed upon training period. Would you like to hire and train an employee in the specific way you do business at little or no cost? We thought you would.

Paid Work Experience (PWE)

PWE provides a business with workers for a specified period of time to gain work experience. The salary of the worker is paid, at no cost to the business during the term of the agreement. There is a dual benefit to this incentive. The new worker(s) gains job-specific skills; while helping the business increase productivity and meet their needs.

Employed Worker Training (EWT)

There is a great need for skills upgrade training within Florida’s existing workforce. Employers who would like to upgrade the skills of their current workforce in order to improve retention, occupational skill attainment, and productivity, may be reimbursed up to 50% of their training costs.

Incumbent Worker Training

The State’s version of Employed Worker Training similarly focuses on retaining and expanding businesses in Florida by providing training funds to for-profit small businesses. Through this grant, Florida is able to effectively retain businesses and help them remain competitive by supporting skills-upgrade training for existing full-time employees. These grants offers partial reimbursement to established companies for training related expenses. Why not take advantage of it!

Florida Flex

The Florida Flex program is designed to increase the competitiveness of Florida businesses in a global economy. It is flexible and responds quickly to the training objectives of a new or expanding business. The program provides funding for customized, skillsbased curriculum development and training, through partial reimbursement, to businesses in Florida’s targeted industries. These high-skill industries have an exportable good or service and wages of 115% above state or local wages. The program is a state-grant that provides funding to qualifying businesses to train their net new, full-time employees. Funding is provided in the form of a performance-based reimbursable grant, for a 24-month maximum term.

Customized Training

Recoup up to 50% of the costs associated with training prospective or current employees, so you can “get them up to speed,” without breaking your budget!
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