Customized Training
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A diverse group of employees at a training.


If a prospective employee needs customized training, before they are hired, then the Customized Training Program can help “get them up to speed” without breaking your budget. Reimbursable expenses for training include instructor’s and trainer’s salaries, tuition, curriculum development, textbooks, manuals, and other supplies. Before accepting a participant into a Customized Training Program, CSSF must deem the training appropriate for the individual and confirm the availability of funds. Lastly, unless applying via the Employed Worker Training Program, the Customized Training Program requires you to hire the employee after he/she completes their training.


• Must be located in Miami-Dade and/or Monroe County, and has operated continuously for a minimum of one (1) year

prior to the application date to be eligible.

• Must be fully licensed to conduct business in Miami-Dade or Monroe County.

• Must demonstrate financial viability. Verification must be provided upon request.

• Must be current on all federal, state and local tax obligations.

• Must be a commercial or industrial enterprise that employs personnel and has capital.

• Must have at least one full-time employee.

• Must maintain Workers’ Compensation coverage for all trainees.

• Businesses utilizing customized training will only be eligible for additional funding after one year from the date their last

employee completed customized training. (Exceptions may be approved by CareerSource South Florida on a case by case basis.)