Dislocated Workers
Career Services


Suggested Steps to Take When Dislocated From a Job

1. Call 1-877-872-JOBS for a center near you. You will find a host of services at centers that range from individualized career counseling to job placement and search assistance. These services are provided free of charge.

2. File for unemployment right away. If you are no longer earning wages and you’ve been employed for the past 18 months, you may qualify for Unemployment Compensation. The fastest way to file for Unemployment Compensation is via the Internet at www.careersourcesfl.com, select “career services” and then “additional resouces for career seekers” on the bottom right.

3. Take a financial inventory of your expenses and financial obligations. Separate expenses into critical, such as mortgage or rent, and non-critical, i.e., magazine subscriptions. It’s wise to cut out all unnecessary expenditures. You may also want to contact your creditors and try to negotiate a payment plan. Consumer Credit Counseling Services (CCCS) assists people in financial difficulty to pay off their obligations without resorting to bankruptcy. Call the Miami-Dade CCCS at (305) 893-5225.

4. Under federal health legislation, you’re entitled to keep your current insurance for at least 18 months. This is known as the COBRA program. You have 60 days from your last date of employment to register for COBRA. You are responsible for paying the entire premium plus a 2 percent administrative fee for COBRA. A less expensive alternative may be local health clinics and individual health insurance plans. Many plans currently on the market offer competitive rates. Also, under this legislation, if you lose your job and your spouse has health coverage, you may be added to his/her coverage.

5. Become more marketable by updating your skills or learning new ones. When visiting a center, find out if you’re eligible for job training programs and financial aid. Register at home or at the Center and receive exposure through Employ Florida, which provides employment opportunities throughout Miami-Dade County and the state. Take advantage of the Center’s resource room containing career and skills-related materials and publications.