Economic Development and Industry Sector Committee


Economic Development and Industry Sector Committee:

This Committee shall be responsible for making policy recommendations to the SFWIB on the matters assigned to it by the Chair or, in the event of a vacancy in the office of the Chair, by the Vice-Chair. This Committee shall develop policy recommendations to the SFWIBin the following areas:

  1. Improvements to the responsiveness of training in Region 23 with respect to business and economic development opportunities.

  2. Integration of federal and state workforce funding to improve training and job placements within the business community.
  3. Identification of occupations in Region 23 which are critical to business retention, expansion and recruitment activities.

When developing the Committee’s policy recommendations to the SFWIB the Committee may: consider existing labor market conditions; identify skill gaps between the needs of the business and the skills of the worker and identify best practices which coordinate curriculum improvements with changing employer needs.


The focus of this committee is to enhance service delivery to the employer community.


• Employer Outreach

• Enhancement of the Region’s Targeted Occupational List.

• Development of Employed Worker & Customized Training initiatives.

• Identify and analyze regional skills gap for economic growth

• Link workforce services to regional economic development initiatives:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Retention
  3. Expansion
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