Global Talent and Competitiveness Council

Global Talent and Competitiveness Council:

This Council is responsible for developing and delivering talent to meet marketplace needs to grow South Florida’s legacy and infrastructure industries, as well as, those industries that hold promise and have been identified as economic development priorities for diversifying the regional economy with high-wage jobs. The council advises the Board on the development and implementation of policies, strategies, programs, and activities affecting workforce development by focusing on the One Community One Goal identified seven targeted sectors.


The council also focuses on the area’s economic development agenda and common strategic targets.


• World-Class Talent Development
• Youth and Future Talent Pipeline Development
• Special Initiatives and Demonstration Projects

While concentrating on the local workforce development area 23 economic development agenda and aligned strategic targets, the council leverages and invests in talent, resources and projects to benefit and strengthen every workforce development area of the state.

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