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Professional Placement Network

The Professional Placement Network (PPN) is a CareerSource South Florida program designed to transition the professional jobseeker back into the workforce or to a meaningful career change. Its goal is to do so in a manner that satisfies each individual’s goals for gainful and satisfying employment.

The core service of PPN is the Self-Directed Career Transition Program, a half day seminar/workshop held at select CareerSource South Florida Career Centers throughout Miami-Dade County.

The seminar is facilitated by career service professionals who present participants with a complete blueprint for conducting a successful job search. Through classroom discussion and stimulating lectures, PPN members acquire valuable tools for their individual career transitions in the following modules:

• Labor market trends in South Florida with snapshots of leading public and private companies in the region

• Discovering how to stand out in the competitive environment of the Internet job search

• Reality checks on 20 reasons why your resume is rejected

• Creating a convincing cover letter

• Developing your 30 second personal “infomercial”

• Finetuning and practicing your interviewing skills

• Using networking to your full advantage

The PPN also offers its members access to:

• Center facilities, fax, phone, copiers, computers and labor market information

• Job lead exchanges, new job announcements and referrals

• Career counseling and coaching